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  • Breast Sagging?

    Breast Sagging?

    What are the causes of breast sagging? Why do some people experience this problem while others do not?

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    Find a Solution!

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Do you suffer from breast sagging?
While not necessarily of great medical concern to most, it is important to note that breast sagging can affect someone both emotionally and physically.

Female Breast

Learn the importance of female breast

When we talk about female breasts there is often a great deal of discussion that surrounds this body part. It is also a very controversial body part and one that some women invest a great deal of money into. In order to better understand the way that the breasts work, and what causes certain changes, we want to discuss a few different facets of the breast beforehand so we have a better understanding of the underlying concept.

  • Female Breast
  • Female Breast
  • Female Breast

The breast is the name for the tissue that overlies the pectoral (chest) muscles. A woman’s breast is a special combination of milk producing tissue (called glandular tissue) and fatty tissue. The size of the breast is determined by the amount of fat in the breast.

There are between 15 to 20 sections (called lobes) that organize the milk-producing part of the breast. Each of these lobes has a smaller structure where the production of milk takes places – these structures are called lobules. The network of tiny tubes called ducts is what the milk travels through. The ducts meet up with larger ducts, eventually leaving the skin at the nipple. The areola is the given name for the dark area of skin around the nipple.

The shape of the breast is determined by the ligament and connective tissue. Sensation to the breast is provided by nerves. There are lymph nodes, lymph vessels and blood vessels located in the breast. While some people blame nursing after pregnancy and aging as the factors for breast sagging, there are other reasons for this as well.

After pregnancy, the breasts can become smaller, remain larger, or return to their original state. It may look like a saggy breast when the skin stays stretched out but the breast tissue shrinks down to its original proportions.

Because of the stigma of saggy breast deemed as physically unappealing, it can lead to depression, a lack of confidence, and emotional stress. As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are many people who want to know how to life sagging breast any way possible.

Symptoms of Breast Sagging

One of the first symptoms of breast sagging is quite simple: a noticeable shift of the areola that trends downwards to the lower portion of the breast. One of the causes of breast sagging in older women is that the elasticity of the skin goes down because a woman does not produce as much estrogen in her body as we get older.

Despite that we often refer to it as breast sagging, it might be good to know it by the medical terminology - ptosis of the breast. The dropping or sagging appearance is caused by the loss of elasticity in the breast tissue. The extent and severity of the sagging is determined by the position of the nipple in relates to the inframammary crease (the place where the breast and the chest meet).

Grades of Breast Sagging

There are different grades of breast sagging that we should consider before finding out how to lift sagging breast naturally:

Mild ptosis – Grade I

Mild ptosis – Grade I

During this grade, the nipple is around the same area that we find the inframammary crease.

Moderate ptosis – Grade II

Moderate ptosis – Grade II

This means that the lower breast tissue hangs below the level of the nipple and the nipple is positioned below the inframammary crease

Advanced ptosis – Grade III

Advanced ptosis – Grade III

Located at the level of maximum breast projection, the nipple is now below the inframammary crease.

Severe ptosis – Grade IV

Severe ptosis – Grade IV

At the level of maximum breast projection, the nipple is much below the inframammary crease. Treatment with natural breast lift products is required.

Do you suffer from breast sagging?
What are the causes of breast sagging? Why do some women experience this problem while others do not? How to uplift breast?

Causes of Breast Sagging

As previously mention, breast sagging is quite normal and natural for women to experience as they get older. Most of women after pregnancy would like to know how to lift sagging breast naturally. Because they lack muscle tissue (it is mostly comprised of ligaments and fat) any real type of exercise is never going to have a lasting affect on strengthening the breasts like we could do with other body parts.

Exercise by itself is not going to be a way to have breast sagging prevention. What are some of the different causes of breast sagging that people have to take into consideration?


There are some factors that we simply cannot change ourselves, and genetics with a predisposition towards breast sagging simply means that this problem is going to be hard to avoid. However, natural breast lift products may help decrease breast sagging.

Weight gain or weight loss

It is possible to stretch the breasts unnecessarily if we have tremendous fluctuations in weight. This is true for both weight gain and weight loss. It is possible to avoid putting this type of stress on your skin by maintaining a healthy weight.

Lack of proper support

If a woman does not wear a proper supportive bra, it could decrease the lift and shape of the breast. Because the underlying support system of fat and tissue diminishes, breast fullness is reduced.


We want to make sure to note the difference between weight gain and loss and pregnancy. During pregnancy the breast also swells because of the milk that is being kept. This can lead to a saggy breast after pregnancy if the woman does not lose the baby weight in a healthy, somewhat fast manner.


Cigarettes contain carcinogens; these carcinogens break down elastin in the body. The elastin fibers that are being broken down when you smoke are responsible for skin elasticity throughout the body. As a result, the elastin becomes less flexible, which can cause the breast to sag.


These are certain types of diseases (including breast cancer and tuberculosis) that can cause the breast to sag. In these situations, it is often advisable to visit a healthcare professional and find out what might be possible.

How to lift sagging breast naturally? Luckily, the medical science invented natural breast lift products to prevent problems associated with a saggy breast.

Breast Sagging Prevention

There are several different things that we can do to fight the causes of breast sagging. We have a few different ways that you can be sure that you avoid the symptoms of breast sagging and lift sagging breast naturally.

We have previously mentioned that breast firming exercises by themselves are not going to be enough to keep the firmness of the breast, but you can avoid some of the problems with sagging skin by maintaining an optimal weight and taking natural breast lift products.


Nutrition and exercise

There is a chance for your breasts to lose their fullness when you experience drastic weight loss in a short span of time. This is why both a healthy diet and plenty of exercise are going to go a long way towards breast sagging prevention.

Nutrition is an important component of this, because the right type of nutrients is essential for the support and growth of the breast. This is why nutritional deficiencies can directly lead to saggy breasts. Breast muscles can lose their firmness and strength because of a protein deficiency for example. This could lead to a saggy breast.


Maintain an optimal weight

Gaining and losing weight over and over can mean that take a toll on your breasts. When stretched, the skin is going to lose some of its elasticity.

When losing weight, women tend to lose fat in the breast faster than they do in other parts of the body. This means that relaxing and stretching the skin with continued weight gain and weight loss could lead to breast sagging.


Get enough water

We all know that our cells are predominantly made up of water – which means that having a lack of water in our system could take a toll on our skin.

Our skin will look wrinkled, dry, and flaky if we do not get enough water. This can cause the breasts to sag and lose their firmness because of premature aging of the skin around the breasts.

Try natural breast lift products
There are several different products designed to lift sagging breast naturally that contain anti-aging ingredients and vital nutrients. The right type of product will also contain vitamins and minerals, which is going to prevent against cell damage and thus breast sagging.

How to Uplift Breast?

There are many different ways that we can avoid problems with a saggy breast, if you want to know how to lift sagging breast naturally, there are several different ways to do so. The ways to do so are always going to be a natural treatment method that also takes breast sagging prevention into consideration.

If you are going to opt for a specific treatment, it is important that you opt for a treatment method that allows you to stick to your treatment and consistently apply it. If you are not consistent in your treatment, there is a good chance that you might notice that you end up with the same situation as before. What are some of the recommended ways how to uplift breast.

Breast firming exercises

Breast firming exercises

You might have heard some people say that breast firming exercises are going to lead to perky breasts. But as we have previously discussed in the anatomy of the breast, breasts are mostly made up of it fat. This means that there is nothing to really tone or tighten here, because they are not made of muscle.

It is true that breast firming exercises can help strengthen surrounding ligaments and thus improve the appearance of your pectoral area.

While exercising is good for your health and always recommended, they are not going to have a dramatic effect on the appearance of breast sagging. If you want to learn how to life sagging breast naturally, you are going to need more than breast firming exercises. As with any type of exercise, the results of doing so is going to take a long time to have visual results.




Laser breast lift

Laser breast lift

We have previously discussed that sagging skin is the primary cause of a saggy breast. As a result, the laser breast lift is intended to enhance the breast tightness while not requiring much in the way of a procedure. This is a breast lift without surgery, and provides a natural lift by removing tiny layer of skin.

While this might sound very attractive at first, it is important to understand that the procedure is not only exceedingly expensive, but there are also no current clinical studies to confirm effectiveness. This means that you could be spending a great deal of money on a procedure that does not produce any effects, and if it does produce the wanted effects, there are no guarantees on how long these effects are going to last.

Unless the other options on this list are not an option for you, it is not possible to recommend this treatment.




Sagging breast surgery

Sagging breast surgery

The moment that you see surgery you understand that this is not the same as a natural breast lift. A surgeon is going to remove any stretched out, excess skin and reshape the entire breast tissue. They are also going to move both nipple and areola will be raised to a more forward position. This is going to lead to a more youthful breast contour.

As with the laser breast life, the costs are often prohibitive for many prospective clients. Not only are the costs exceedingly high, as with any type of medical procedure, there is always the risk for long-term side effects.

Not to mention the pain and discomfort associated with the actual procedure itself. Not ideal unless none of the other treatment options have proven to be successful.




Electric breast massager

We know that breasts are made up of adipose fats and fatty tissues. Both of these are responsive to stimulation. The electric breast massager works by actually stimulating the lymph circulation and supporting tissues.

This is going to have a positive result when it comes to the shape and firmness of the breasts. This means that over long-term use, you are going to be able to see some results when it comes to resolving the symptoms of breast sagging.

The drawback here is that these sessions will need to be planned daily (which means that even if you are not at home, you are going to need to bring your electric breast massager with you to complete your daily ritual) and they are not very convenient. Certainly better than some of the other options, but not the most convenient option.




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Breast lift cream

If you want fuller, firmer breasts and refuse to be bothered by breast firming exercises or sagging breast surgery, natural breast lift products might be the answer that you are looking for. These natural breast lift creams contain only herbal and plant ingredients that are going to directly encourage the reactivation of the mammary glands and the development of breast tissue phytoestrogens, lipids, and nutrients.

While it is true that this method is going to be slower than some of the other methods we have discussed before, this is going provide long-term results that are not only safe because of the natural ingredients, but also permanent.

If you are comfortable with letting nature take its course and getting the best results for your money, this is the recommended method of treatment.




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According to scientific studies:
Natural breast lift creams are capable of generating true results without having to rely on invasive surgery or having to pay too much for a single procedure.
Although natural breast lift products may work slower than other methods taken to lift sagging breast, they tend to provide safer and more long-lasting results with more than 98% success rate.

Read more about natural breast lift products

Clinical Studies

How to lift sagging breast naturally? It is one thing to suggest that a natural treatment option if your best choice, but you probably want to know what type of guarantee or clinical trials come with this type of product. The primary focus is between the development of the mammary glands and phytoestrogens.

What we need to know in this case that estrogens may contribute to mammary development either through indirect endocrine action of the gonadal/pituitary/hypothalamic or directly on the mammary gland.

Simply put, these creams are capable of helping stimulate the development that might have otherwise been halted. This means that in a sense, it can slowly begin to rejuvenate the skin and offer a true breast lift without surgery.

It is literally about taking care of the problem on a cellular level on the inside of the body. While it is going to take some time to get the body to adjust, this ultimately means that you are making long-term changes that are going to bring you the results that you want.

Clinical Studies

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